Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Greetings from Ft. Bellefonte Campground!!


I am back at Fort Bellefonte campground and Bill is with me.  Our original plans were to just spend a few days and then head west to meet up with Bill's sister and the carnival.  Our plans have changed!!  After just one day back here we were offered a position as camp hosts/workers so we are staying!

Actually at some point we are going to have to leave for about a week and go out to Clinton to pick a few things up.  I have to get some winter gear, the permanent plate for the camper, my WiFi in motion booster antenna and a few odds and ends.  Looks like we will be wintering here at the campground.  I am looking forward to it.  Bill has plans to go hunting on the property this winter so I think we will be buying a freezer to put deer meat in.

I am setting up their new web site as well as facebook page.  A lot of work but I do really enjoy that sort of thing.  The web site address is  check it out and you can find the facebook page by searching "Gram and Paps Ft. Bellefonte Campground" on facebook.

Today we will be doing some mowing and trimming.  Need to spruce up the place as Woodalls is coming Thursday to review the campground.  Not that it needs a lot of work but you always want to put your best food forward.

This is not a big camper so Bill and I have been trying to find creative ways to store things, food, pet food, and gear we might need as well as odds and ends.  I am definitely glad I did not go with a smaller camper, especially with 2 people, a dog and a cat, LOL.  It's cramped enough!!  We are doing OK though and that is the main thing.

I feel God has really blessed us leading us here.  I love the area!!  The scenery is so pretty, the people are friendly, and there is plenty to do to keep us busy.  :-)

You won't get rich living on the road and working at a campground,  but it does give you time to stop and smell the roses.  :-)  For two people that are semi retired or fully retired this lifestyle is great!!

We are well connected with cell phones, WiFi etc.  The campground also has cable TV which is great on those rainy days and you are not outside keeping busy.  There are some state parks not far from here, a beautiful little town and shopping galore.  Football season starts at the end of the month and then the place will be packed and jumping as campers come in for Penn State football.  There is always something to do.  We both enjoy a nice campfire in the evening with a cup of coffee and just relax as well.  Life is good!!

Until next time,,,,,,,,,Blessings!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tri State Campground

Greetings from Matamoras, PA!!

There are actually 3 businesses at this location, Tri State Campground, Riverview Inn and Charlie Shay's BBQ.  All owned and run by the same couple.  The Riverview Inn seems to cater a lot to weddings and private parties.  Charlie Shay's BBQ is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday under the Pavilion on the premises here.

The campground seems to be an ideal location for one night campers as they get off of Interstate 84 for the night on their way up to the New England states.  I personally would not recommend it for long term camping for those who are not familiar with the area.  There are very few amenities for the camper located on site.  There is a shower house, laundry room and office.  No place to purchase camping supplies on site and you would be hard pressed to find them in local stores, depending on what you need.

The campground is in need of repair and updating.  Many sites do not have fire rings or picnic tables.  Limited 50amp sites for the big rigs.  The grass is not mowed on a regular basis either.  At least not in the campground itself.  Land-scaping in the campground leaves a lot to be desired. And there are no activities for children.

If you are fortunate enough to have a fire ring at your site you will be hard pressed to find firewood here at the campground and many places today do not want you to bring in your own firewood due to possibly transporting bugs with you.  The picnic table I got, by dragging it over from another site is in such sad shape I thought about burning it in the fire ring.  Perhaps that is why so few picnic tables can be found today?  Others may have actually acted on my thoughts, LOL.  If you sleep with your windows open, you will hear the traffic on I-84 all night too.

For all the negative the campground seems to have just take a walk on the rest of the property and down to the river and things begin to change.  The grounds by the bbq tent and the Riverview in are well maintained and absolutely beautiful!!  This site sits on the Delaware River.  Canadian geese seem to love to visit here and can often be seen walking out from the fields to the river in the morning.  Sadly, I did not get the pictures taken until later in the day when they were off hiding in the shade someplace.

If you are here over a weekend do plan on eating at Charlie Shay's BBQ the food is exceptional!!

There are several stores nearby for shopping, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Price Choppers, Staples, etc.  There is cable TV with limited channels and WiFi available here at the campground.

I have ordered a WiFi system for my camper which I will write about in my next blog.  We are hoping for delivery by Wednesday so we have time to install it before we take off on Friday.  We are going back to Fort Bellefonte Campground that I wrote about in my last post.  Look for more from there as well!!

Here are some pictures of Tri State Campground along with Charlie Shay's BBQ and the exterior of the Riverview Inn.

Until next time,,,,,,,Blessings!!

My rig and camping spot
Looking towards the BBQ tent from the campground
Not many here this morning, but it was pretty full for the weekend.  BTW beware of resident's and owner's dogs running loose.  The rules say pets must be leashed but apparently that does not pertain to owners and employees.
Enjoy the BBQ!!
Office, laundy and showers are contained in this building
The Riverview Inn
Nice landscaping with relaxing places to sit
Walking down to the Delaware River
What a beautiful site!  Great place to go fishing!
This place is gorgeous in the fall.
The water on the shoreline is so clear you can see the rocks on the bottom
Interstate 84 bridge which crosses over the river to NY and NJ and also provides for the traffic noise that is prevailant in the campground.